Firmenphilosophie / Our philosophy

Our philosophy

AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH
- System Solutions from Saxony -

AUT ANLAGEN- UND UMWELTTECHNOLOGIE GmbH is your partner for finding solutions in the area of recycling and environmental engineering. We offer you individual components and plants used to process and treat material as well as cutting-edge system solutions which are developed by our creative minds and which are matched with your application. In this connection, our strengths do not only lie in planning and providing systems used for shredding and separating different types of material, but primarily in developing and implementing holistic processes that begin with the feeding of the material into the machine and finish with the generation of a valuable product or resource.


We assure you that we will always offer and provide the latest and most economic technologies which comply with current regulations and which will convince you with their efficiency and capacity. Since we take care of all the main steps as part of the implementation process, including planning, engineering, assembly and maintenance work, we can meet the highest quality requirements and match the performance as well as the adaptability of our products and machines with our customers’ needs.

We constantly improve our machines and technologies, which means that our customers benefit from a wide range of clever system solutions and technological methods, developed and patented by us.